Over the past two decades Nigeria has faced lots of set back in the country which is as a result of corrupt and bad Government all over the country both in the Local, State, and Federal Government Levels. Nigeria is Among the richest country in Africa but yet have the highest rate of POVERTY and YOUTH UNEMPLOYMENT. The rate of crime has increased exceedingly, Government (in all levels) looting money, Sending there children outside for education cause they know our schools are rubbish. There no true patriotism in the Nigeria Government as all there aim is to find a way to loot money. The sole aim of an average Nigeria Politician is to loot money despite all this money looting yet the still oppress the poor innocent citizen in divers and numerious ways with which we most Nigerians can never comprehend.

The recent trending one is that the Nigerian government has used their force agencies to intimidate, harass, kill innocent citizens just for reason that can be only explained by them. There is a particular unit in the Nigeria Police force which is called SARS (SPECIAL ANTI ROBBERY SQUAD), this set of people has been the one rubbing the citizens, they distort money and kill the innocent citizens especially the young citizens. They break into peoples houses destroy and loot there properties and the fact is that they threaten to kill. They have a very popular slogan over here which say that " I WILL SHOOT YOU AND NOTHING WILL HAPPEN" Can you just imagine the mess that we are into, And truthfully they shoot people and nothing happens, No one questions them, no government official cares, all this because their children are all outside the country. The SARS guys kill anyone the feel they want to kill one you are under there custody. When you go to water wells along road you will see dead bodies that are killed by the SARS and thrown into the wells and all this happen the government knows but all there interest is to loot money.

ALL these are jew a few to mention on the kind of calamity we are in Nigeria and this is why the youth of Nigeria has embacked in a one month protest which is tagged #ENDSARS and #ENDPOLICEBRUTALITY

The End sars AND End Police Brutality Protest which has lasts just for week has increased exceedinly over the days and it has been gaining some ground internationally and we urge the world to support us in any way whether to share our movement or donate monetarily to us here in Nigeria. The Corrupt Nigeria federal government has been combating this peaceful protest in divers way which I will Mention few of them.

Over the Past 10 months Government owned Nigeria Universities has been on nation wide strike The Academic Staff Union Of Universities (A.S.U.U) because of Lack of payment of there salary and other basic education stuff but do you know that in the quest to stop this peaceful protest , the federal government has bribed the A.S.U.U to resume school just to quench this peaceful protest just imagine the king off country we are into.

Again the have also use there military launching operation crocodile smile on peaceful protesters all this are just but few but nevertheless, we the youth are not tired and will continue out protest till we see something good come out of it. This is why we urge you all lover of freedom to help us share and spread our protest to reach all the nukes and crannies of this earth. Nigerian has suffered a lot from our leaders, and this is why you see Nigeria youth Migrating

all over the countries of the world both legally and illegally all this in search of better place to make a living because Nigeria is hell..

Support our ENDSARS MOVEMENT TODAY SPREAD IT ALSO YOU MAY GIVE US MONETARY DONATIONS TO SUPPORT OUR MOVEMENT as many of these protesters sleep in the protest ground, we need food and water for them please support us in any way


These are some of the captured scenes where the SARS where killing and harassing innocent young youths just for nothing sake. If anyone tries to defend his or her right they shoot without any remourse or regard.

They just take our lives as useless they kill and shoot at will with no fear of being questioned or sanctioned. This is a type of community that we see ourselves today. This is why we call for your support to spread this movement and to help us monetarily to continue this protest at all cost


Its crystal clear that our protest won't just end at #ENDSARSNOW OR #ENDPOLICEBRUTALITY , We are matching forward for a total change in government or restructuring of Nigeria as the country is now DO AS AS LIKE By the government, a government full of lies and mediocrity, selfish, no value or regard for citizens, looters, Uneducated Idiots serving in both States and Federal Level. And also we want to use this medium to ask the United Nations to verify if the person occupying Aso-Rock is our real president. The Nigerian Youths are tired of being deceived by the wicked and selfish Nigeria Government. Nigeria is a country blessed with lots of Mineral resources but being managed selfish Mediocrates. The Youths are tired, we have suffered a lot please help us share this untils it gets to the UNITED NATIONS. We need your help and support please

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